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12 Ancient Greek Gods - Playmobil History

Thank the Gods!

Available only in Greece, the Greek Gods Playmobil collection is part of the Playmobil “History” series. These unique Playmobil figures depict the 12 Gods of Olympus as the Ancient Greeks imagined them. Designed as collector’s items, after long study and research with the help of archaeologists and teachers, each figure comes with an assortment of accessories and mini figures that represent all their characteristics, such as their sacred symbols, objects and animals plus an “altar” with their name in Greek. Thus, each figure tells the complete story of the particular God and the myths associated with him/her!

The 12 Gods of the collection: Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hermes, [Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, Ares, Athena, Demeter, Hephaestus, Hestia

The 12 Greek Gods Playmobil set is a must have for any and all Playmobil collectors, due to its thematic uniqueness, its attention to detail and the fact that it is only available for purchase in Greece! All these make the 12 Greek Gods Playmobil set a prized possession for any collector, or for anyone wanting to own a part of the celebrated Greek mythology that shaped Ancient Greek and Western thought.

Get your own set today, and display it proudly as a unique part of your collection. The Greek Gods are ready to be yours!

Brand: Playmobil Product Code: 9524
Messenger of the Gods and protector of merchants, Hermes was also the god of cleverness, cunning and free spirit. He was a representation of all the virtues that made the Greeks spread out to the Mediterranean...
Brand: Playmobil Product Code: 70213
Goddess of beauty, love and desire, Aphrodite represented both romantic feelings and lust at the same time. Beloved by men and women alike, she is, to this day, synonymous with female beauty...
Brand: Playmobil Product Code: 70214
Queen of the Gods, wife of Zeus and the patron deity of marriage. Hera had the peacock as her symbol and was worshipped as the mother of the Gods...
Brand: Playmobil Product Code: 70215
Patron deity of family and the serenity of one’s home, Hestia was a low-key presence with only a few temples dedicated to her. This didn’t stop her from receiving the daily worship of the common people, since she was the only goddess with a small altar in every house...
Brand: Playmobil Product Code: 70216
The god of war and strife, Ares represented the power of waging war, both as a destructive force and as a means to protect the things and people we love...
Brand: Playmobil Product Code: 70217
God of the forge, construction and manual labour, Hephaestus represented the spirit of technical advancement and hard work...
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God of the Light, music and all things that are good, Apollo was one of the most beloved of the gods. Perhaps the most “spiritual” and “esoteric” of the gods, he was also the god of philosophy and thought...
Brand: Playmobil Product Code: 9149
The king of the Gods and master of thunder. Father of Gods and humans, Zeus was peaceful in joy and formidable in rage. He was worshipped in the entirety of Greece and the Olympic Games were held in his honor!..
Brand: Playmobil Product Code: 9150
Goddess of knowledge and wisdom, Athena was the patron deity of Arts and Letters. Athens was named in her honour and the famous Parthenon temple was dedicated to her...
Brand: Playmobil Product Code: 9523
Lord of the sea and protector of mariners, Poseidon was held in high esteem by the Greeks, a sea-faring people. His trident is considered the symbol of the sea until the present day!..
Brand: Playmobil Product Code: 9525
Sister of Apollo, goddess of the hunt, the moon, forests and nature in general, Artemis was worshipped in mountains, plains and the great outdoors, but she also had great temples dedicated to her in the entirety of the Greek world...
Brand: Playmobil Product Code: 9526
Goddess of agriculture and the land. Demeter was worshipped in the entirety of Greece as a motherly figure, full of love and kindness, a protector of the common people. The centre of her worship was the city of Eleusis, where the Eleusinian Mysteries were held in her honour...
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